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500mg. CBD Vaping Liquid, 10ml. CBD Vape Liquid, Peach-Passion Fruit, CBD E-liquid Peach & Passionfruit 10ml - 500mg Ignite, USA


CBD Energetic, 30mg. CBD in Energy, 200 mg. Caffeine, Berry Flavor, Energy Shot 30 mg CBD Living, USA


CBD Candy, CBD Jelly for Sleep 30 pcs, 25mg. CBD and 5mg. Melatonin in 1 Jelly, Gummies - Sleep 750 mg CBD Living, USA


CBD Ointment for Dry Skin with Coconut Scent, Salve 500 mg CBD Living, USA


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Be in CBD - online cannabidiol (CBD) product store

Medicinal cannabis products are relatively new. It is made from non-psychoactive substances found in hemp. This is exactly what the Be in CBD store offers.

We strive to popularize medical forms of marijuana, because their effectiveness has already been proven by scientific research. Be in CBD stands for the informed use of cannabis for medicinal and wellness purposes. Thanks to cooperation with reliable manufacturers from all over the world, we have collected only safe products with high efficiency in our store.

With Be in CBD, you will be able to reap the real benefits of consuming quality and effective CBD products in a form that suits you. We are constantly expanding our range of products and offer consumers medical cannabis in a variety of products, from smoking products to cosmetics and CBD for pets.

Another aspect of our business is providing accurate and up-to-date information about the opportunities that medical marijuana offers. Our blog will help you learn more about the efficacy of this culture and how it can be used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Welcome to Be in CBD Store!

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What is CBD and CBD Oil

Let's start with the main question: what is CBD? This substance has the official name cannabidiol. It is obtained from certain varieties of hemp. Along with the psychoactive substance THC, which is also present in cannabis, cannabidiol belongs to the so-called cannabinoids.

Since CBD is not psychoactive, its use is not banned in Europe. Therefore, all CBD-based products are classified as legal hemp-derived products.

Why should you consume CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol today it is actively studied by physicians and scientists all over the world. Accurate data have already been obtained regarding its effectiveness as a relaxing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent. And this is just the beginning of the journey!

According to American treatment protocols, medical cannabis and CBD products can be used to improve the condition of patients with the following conditions:

  • Depression and Anxiety Disorder;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Migraines and cluster headaches;
  • Crohn's disease;
  • Arthritis and joint diseases;
  • Skin diseases - eczema, psoriasis, acne.

In addition, CBD is being proposed today to improve overall human well-being. It helps to normalize appetite and speed up metabolism, reduces susceptibility to stress, and helps fight insomnia. It is used in the sports and wellness industry as a remedy for muscle aches, fatigue and skin aging.

How is cannabidiol obtained?

CBD, as a single substance, is obtained by extracting certain varieties of cannabis plants. For its production, only varieties of industrial hemp are used in which the psychoactive component of THC is present in microscopic doses. In finished products with CBD, the THC ratio should not exceed 0.2%.

There are several methods for extracting cannabidiol:

  • Extraction using alcohol-containing solvents is a simple method, but at the same time it does not give a high-quality purification of the finished extract.
  • Extraction with vegetable oils: this option is also convenient, and the finished oils, after processing at hot temperatures, are saturated with CBD and are suitable for consumption.
  • Extraction with dry ice - allows you to process vegetable raw materials into a paste saturated with cannabidiol and terpenes.
  • Extraction with carbon dioxide is the most popular industrial method for producing CBD.

You can find out about the method of obtaining cannabidiol in the product you are interested in on its label.

The main differences between CBD and THC

Often, cannabidiol products are considered hazardous, equating them with “recreational” cannabis. The main difference between such products is in the active substance. CBD products contain cannabidiol, recreational - tetrahydrocannabinol. The difference between them is significant: CBD does not affect the psyche, does not have the hallucinogenic effect for which THC is famous. Despite the fact that both of these substances are found in the same plant - Cannabis Sativa, they work in completely different ways.

  • The main function of CBD is to regulate all receptors of the human endocannabinoid system, to relax and relieve pain.
  • THC acts on CB1 receptors, which are primarily concentrated in the brain. It has a euphoric effect, negatively affects concentration and memory.

Therefore, all over the world, "recreational" cannabis, in which THC prevails, is found on illegal grounds, while medicinal varieties with a dominant amount of CBD are considered an effective remedy.

What is the endocannabinoid system

When describing the differences between CBD and THC, we touched on the concept of the endocannabinoid system. This is the name of a whole chain of receptors located throughout the human body. These receptors can respond to certain triggers, for example, stress, illness, bringing homeostasis out of balance.

To maintain this balance and block the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids are needed, which are normally produced by the human body. If there are not enough of them, natural analogs of endocannabinoids - cannabinoids, which are found in hemp, can restore balance to the endocannabinoid system. And above all - CBD.

How can you consume CBD

If you think that cannabis is for smoking only, you are deeply mistaken. Modern manufacturing has developed many convenient forms for consuming cannabis extract containing CBD. First of all, these forms are divided according to their composition:

  • Pure 100% cannabidiol is good for continuous use, it does not lead to overdose, but as the dose is increased it can reduce the effect.
  • Cannabidiol combined with terpenes (resinous substances from marijuana buds) has a broader and more potent effect, but requires precise dosage.
  • Many scientists also confirm the superior effectiveness of drugs that combine CBD and THC, but due to legal considerations, such products are not legal.

By its principle of consuming CBD today, it can be bought in the following forms:

  • E-liquids are a convenient form for those who smoke.
  • Disposable or reusable vape pens - ready-to-use devices for smoking, similar to vapes, with a certain amount of oil filled into cartridges.
  • CBD isolates in powder or crystal form - for use in a diluted liquid state.
  • CBD Oil - the most convenient format of use. It can be added to food during preparation, taken diluted, or just a couple of drops orally. Oils can be added to cosmetics.
  • Edible foods with CBD - jelly candies, lollipops, chewing gums, cookies or other sweets.
  • Drinks - e.g. CBD soda, energy drinks, teas
  • Cosmetics with cannabidiol - to restore skin, relieve muscle or joint pain.
  • Sports nutrition with CBD is an approved use for professional athletes.
  • CBD for pets is a specialty food for pets.

We offer you all major forms of cannabidiol products in our online store.

Which cannabidiol dosage should you choose?

The exact dose of cannabidiol has not been determined today. For different conditions of a person and different characteristics of the body, the dosage is determined individually. The researchers advise starting with small doses, listening to your body and its response to CBD. Gradually, if the effect of the use is not enough, you can increase the dosage. It is also recommended to take CBD Oil in small portions several times a day, rather than just one serving.

Can you overdose?

Unlike recreational marijuana, CBD foods do not have severe side effects. They do not lead to euphoria, and you will not get an overdose in the classic sense of the word from CBD products.

If you have used too much cannabidiol, you may expect only headaches and mild dizziness. In this case, the side effects quickly subside.

Tips for Choosing CBD Products from Be in CBD

If you're just getting started with cannabidiol, here are a couple of tips for choosing CBD foods.

  • Start with the desired effect. If you just want to relieve stress or relieve anxiety, choose foods that are low in substance. For those who need to get a pronounced effect, it is worth considering purchasing products with a combination of cannabidiol and terpenes.
  • The shape of the product matters: to relieve muscle pain or facial care, it is worth choosing products for external use, but in the case of combating depression, they will be ineffective.
  • Pay attention to the type of cannabis in the selected product. Trusted manufacturers offer an organic product that is free of GMOs or pesticides, tested by independent laboratories.
  • If you want to know more about the performance of your chosen product, look for user reviews. This is the most honest information.

And, of course, choose a reliable seller. We offer our customers only organic products from the world leaders in the production of CBD. Each of the products in our store is accompanied by precise descriptions and recommendations for use. A wide assortment will allow you to choose a convenient format for use.

Be in CBD with us!