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120 ml CBD Syrup for Sleep and Rest, 25mg. CBD and 2mg. Melatonin in 1 tbsp. Grape Flavored Spoon, Sleep Aid Syrup Grape 200 mg CBD Living, USA


120 ml CBD Syrup for Sleep and Rest, 25mg. CBD and 2mg. Melatonin in 1 tbsp. Cherry Spoon, Sleep Aid Syrup Cherry 200 mg CBD Living, USA


CBD Coffee 71g, CBD Coffee For Stress And Anxiety, CBD Instant Black Coffee 250 mg CBD Living, USA


CBD Coffee 71g., CBD Coffee for Stress and Anxiety, CBD Instant Matcha Coffee 250 mg CBD Living, USA


CBD Immunity Tea 57g, CBD Tea 12.5mg CBD Per Serving, Apricot-Echinacea Flavor, Echinacea Apricot 250 mg CBD Living, USA


CBD Energetic, 30mg. CBD in Energy, 200 mg. Caffeine, Berry Flavor, Energy Shot 30 mg CBD Living, USA


CBD Tea 43g, CBD Relaxation Tea, 25mg CBD Per Serving, Tea - Matcha Instant 250 mg CBD Living, USA


The drinks

The largest selection of cannabidiol based products is in the Be in CBD online store. We are able to surprise even an experienced connoisseur of the properties of marijuana, because the catalog contains not only popular and familiar products, for example, CBD oil or concentrates and isolates. For example, we have a great selection of CBD that you can ... drink! Yes, you are not mistaken, we offer a convenient and easy way to drink - drinks containing cannabidiol. What is it, and why are they so good?

Cannabidiol drinks: what are they?

Edible CBD is hard to surprise today. Candies, jellies, and even medical marijuana-infused chocolates are considered a convenient consumption option. But CBD health enthusiasts have gone further. 5 years ago, a bar opened in New York, where you can order quite classic cocktails, but with the addition of cannabidiol. And the idea itself became popular, and now in the assortment of large CBD manufacturers you can buy:

  • Tea or coffee with cannabidiol - these drinks are no different from regular coffees and teas, just a refined CBD extract is added to their composition, which enhances the invigorating properties of the drinks.
  • CBD Energy Drinks are a real combo of beneficial qualities. In addition to natural tonics, they contain cannabidiol, which helps focus, maintains an even good mood and reduces the likelihood of pressure surges, as with conventional energy drinks.
  • Cannabidiol sports drinks are a way to improve your workout performance. CBD helps reduce anxiety due to sports failure, improves blood circulation, and relieves muscle soreness. These qualities, together with the beneficial properties of sports nutrition, are very important for athletes and supporters of healthy lifestyles.
  • Cannabidiol syrups are a great addition to any cocktail. They are delicious and sweet, and the CBD in them helps you relax and improve sleep.

You can order all types of drinking CBD in our online store with delivery throughout Ukraine.

Benefits of CBD Drinks

How is drinking CBD different from other uses?

  • Pleasant taste: unlike concentrates or oils, the taste of the drinks is the same as that of classic syrups, teas or coffee.
  • Ease of calculating the required dosage: usually each such drink is accompanied by detailed instructions. For example, 1-2 scoops of instant CBD coffee contains a full serving of cannabidiol.
  • Ease of use: drinking a cup of tea or an energy drink is simple and pleasant, which cannot be said about vaping, which not everyone uses, or taking concentrates and capsules.
  • You can simply store such products in a cool dry place - they do not require special storage conditions.

It is only important not to confuse such products with regular tea or coffee on the shelf in your kitchen.

How to take drinking CBD?

Depending on the type of drink and its properties, you can easily choose a convenient time and method of drinking for you. If you need to cheer up and stock up on energy for a busy day at work, start your morning with a cup of invigorating coffee or energy drink. If you need relaxation, try adding a couple of drops of CBD syrup to a glass of milk. Each product is accompanied by a detailed instruction sheet, which contains the dosage that is beneficial to your health. Well, you can focus on the individual reaction of the body in order to understand whether it is worth adding another portion of the drink to your diet, or, on the contrary, reducing the number of cups of tea or coffee in order to get a dosed effect.

Order only high quality cannabidiol drinks. These are the products you can find in our catalog. And we will send your order completely confidentially to any city in the country.