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CBD for animals

The health of pets is often the subject of anxiety and excitement for the owner. How to keep cats and dogs healthy? How to provide them with a nutritious diet and what additives to add to the diet? How to make the life of older pets painless and enjoyable? All of these questions often drive pet owners into a frenzy.

Did you know that you can help your pet feel good using the same methods that are suitable for people? We are talking about a natural and safe pain reliever, immunomodulator and just a substance that will provide your animal with a high quality of life. It - cannabis, or rather, its medicinal varieties, which contain useful CBD and terpenes, but completely devoid of the harmful psychedelic THC.

The benefits of cannabis have already been fully proven by medical research: in the United States, it is equated in its effectiveness with powerful pain relievers and drugs for relieving the symptoms of many diseases. And for animals CBD can be a real salvation.

How is CBD good for pets?

Like humans, pets have their own endocannabinoid system - that is, a network of receptors that give orders to the brain when exposed to external or internal triggers. Similarly, it is possible to suspend the sending of impulses from these receptors, provoking a destructive reaction of the body, either with the help of internal resources, if the body produces natural cannabinoids in the right amount, or with the help of external cannabinoids, primarily cannabidiol.

CBD acts on the body of cats, dogs, ferrets and other mammals in the same way as it does on humans: it reduces pain, eliminates signs of depression and stress, improves appetite, helps recuperate after illness or surgery, relieves nausea and stimulates brain activity.

It is these qualities that make marijuana demanded not only among people, but also for the health of pets.

Of course, neither cats nor dogs consume cannabis in its natural form. Therefore, for their convenience, a variety of products have been developed that can be given as a treat for a pet. And at the Be in CBD store you can buy delicious treats to help your pet feel energized and healthy.

Who Should Take CBD for Animals?

In fact, you can pamper your furry with such products from time to time, even in full health. The effect of CBD is exceptional precisely for its ability to improve the quality of life of even the healthiest people or animals. But it is especially important to provide your pets with a regular dose of cannabidiol in the following cases:

  • If your animal suffers from chronic diseases,
  • In the case of palliative care for older pets or animals with incurable diseases.
  • If your pet has skin, coat, or joint problems.
  • To support your pet after complex surgical procedures,
  • As a rehabilitation solution when recovering from an illness.

All these cases are not uncommon, and for them you can use a truly miraculous remedy - cannabidiol.

Benefits of CBD for Animals

Of course, you can't force your pet to smoke a joint or inhale a vape. And in order for your animal to accurately consume the correct dose of CBD, you will have to choose the most convenient format that is familiar to the animal. it edible CBD for animalssuch as tablets or capsules, tasty supplements, or even a staple food.

Why are they so good CBD for animals?

  • They help to prolong the life of your pet, remove age-related pain in the joints and muscles of the animal.
  • They improve your pet's overall well-being.
  • CBD helps relieve nausea.
  • With it, you can eliminate depression in an animal or relieve stress.
  • Cannabis improves the condition of the coat and skin.

The multifaceted effect is what your pets and you, as their caring owners, need.

How to use CBD for animals

You can even teach a hare to smoke, says the famous saying. But you don't have to take such measures, because you can choose CBD products for animals with 100% efficiency, which can be simply given as a tasty treat. Cannabis for animals comes in the form of granules or vitamin tablets that have an attractive flavor, such as bacon or meat.

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