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Ointments and creams

CBD is not only the main pain relieving ingredient in cannabis, but also the most effective cosmetic ingredient with a broad spectrum of effects on skin, hair and muscles.

If you're already tired of dubious herbal ingredients that don't work on 100%, cannabidiol can help you get your faith back in phytocomponents. And at the same time he acts very multifaceted.

CBD cosmetics: how to use it?

Today, cosmetic products and medical topical medicines are replete with unusual phytocomponents. From legendary shea butter to innovative arginine or wakame seaweed, they all promise eternal youth and beauty.

Cannabidiol is a completely different matter. This medical marijuana extract doesn't just advertise body beauty, it keeps you young and healthy.

The secret is that CBD works not only from the inside, like edible options, but also from the outside. Moreover, it acts in a comprehensive manner, without strong contraindications or restrictions.

Benefits of cannabidiol topical treatments

Why are CBD topical products so good? First of all, the whole point is in the complex of effects that cannabis provides in general: this is relaxation, and restoration of strength, and a decrease in symptoms of depression or anxiety disorders.

But that's not all! Why are CBD topical products so good?

  • They have a positive effect on the skin. Cannabidiol helps to retain moisture in the cells of the dermis, restores their structure and prevents degeneration.
  • Cannabidiol helps restore the health of hair, and not only the follicles themselves, but also the scalp, which is important for seborrhea, psoriasis or dermatitis.
  • This substance has an anti-inflammatory effect: in addition to pain relief, it helps to fight bacterial infections, fungus, irritation and cosmetic imperfections, for example, hormonal acne, acne and other cosmetic problems.
  • CBD has a mild anesthetic effect. If you are uncomfortable with itching, peeling or pain, it can be easily relieved with cannabidiol.

At the same time, CBD creams and balms have a number of advantages over other types of products, for example, CBD vapes and capsules.

Why is this cannabinoid so good?

  • External agents do not need to be taken orally, either orally, rectally, or by inhalation into the lungs.
  • All the possible psychoactive effects of CBD (and their minimum) do not appear when used externally.
  • Such creams and ointments are indispensable for athletes and lovers of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Unlike CBD capsules or oil, the cream or balm works in a pinpoint manner. If you are concerned about the general effects of CBD, in this format of use, it will act clearly on the site of inflammation.
  • In addition to the analgesic effect, such agents provide rejuvenation of the body and improve the quality of the skin.

All of this makes cannabidiol creams and gels formidable contenders to all fashionable ingredients from chi seeds to hyaluronic acid.

Where to buy CBD ointments and creams in Ukraine?

It is not easy to find high quality products based on medical hemp in Ukraine: manufacturers are not given the opportunity to produce such cosmetics. But if you are looking to buy a CBD cream from Europe, America or Paraguay, we are ready to help you. In the online store Be in CBD you can buy medical and cosmetic products for skin care, muscle relaxation and pain relief, and general improvement of your well-being. Favorable prices and delivery throughout Ukraine! Order today and receive day-to-day shipping tomorrow!