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In Ukraine, any variant of cannabis products still raises doubts about its legality. At the same time, the whole world has already appreciated the benefits and prospects of using non-psychoactive herbs... Such cannabis is called medical cannabis, and unlike its "entertainment" brother, it does not contain psychedelics. Instead, medical marijuana contains a very useful ingredient - cannabidiol or CBD. Cannabidiol has many effects: it is a broad-spectrum pain reliever, a kind of antidepressant, and a light energy drink that can cause a surge of strength and ideas. Pleasing and a lot of opportunities for use CBD from the usual smoking to edible products. And the most balanced method in terms of combining the speed of achieving the effect and harmlessness to the body is the vaping method, a safe analogue of smoking cigarettes.

Legal cannabinoid vaporizer: how does it work?

To get the dose you need CBD need a special device - vaporizer, he is a vape. With such staff many are familiar: 10 years ago, a wave of excitement about vaping literally swept across Ukraine. Today vaping has reached a new level: in addition to entertainment, its steel use and for medical or recreational purposes. And global manufacturers of medical cannabis goods took the idea evaporation cannabidiol from oils and liquids into service and produce a number of devices for vaping specially designed for CBD substances... Therefore, it is quite possible to buy a legal vaporizer for medical cannabis, and not only in Odessa or Kiev, but also in any other city in the country.

What is a vaporizer for?

Initially such devices used in medicine and aromatherapy. They were involved in physiotherapy. And over time, lovers smoking practitioners appreciated the new experience that was called vaping. How does vape work? It is based on the principle of absorption by evaporation of liquids. All substances contained in staff, are taken into steam at heating, and then this steam is purified from mechanical impurities and enters directly into the smoker's mouth. Today, with the help of such a steam saturated with cannabidiol, you can quickly achieve the desired effect, because the absorption substances through the lungs much faster than with oral administration. This means that if you urgently need to relax, relieve muscle tone, eliminate headaches and focus - this is your choice. Similarly, with other effects of CBD consumption: with the help of vaping, you can quickly stop panic attacks, anxiety or depressive psychosis, induce a healthy sound sleep, or vice versa - cheer up a little before a hard day.

What kind of vaporizers are there?

The choice of such accessories for smoking is endless today. They are distinguished by different parameters:
  • There are stationary and portable vapes in size - the same as bongos, they differ in size and volume of the bay substances... The former should be left for home use with friends, the latter are easy to put in your pocket or bag and take with you to lectures, to the office or traveling.
  • By the type of substance: you can not only pour e-liquid ("slurry") into the vape, but also pour dry mixtures herbswhich is convenient if you grow cannabis yourself. There are also models for bookmarking wax or oils.
  • Type heating: external heating involves heating in the open fire, internal - heating due to a battery with heating elements.
  • Heating method: convection The vape blows heated air over the liquid, the conductive one directly heats it.
  • By container type: devices with a fixed flask are replenished from replaceable vials, with cartridges - by replacing the cartridge with liquid. 
And we have not yet taken into account the design decisions, the type of material for the vape, the sizes of compact models and brands.

The basic principle of the vaporizer

The basic principle of operation of such a device is heat content to certain temperatures (evaporation points). This is how steam is born, filled with the components of the liquid originally poured into the vape. These can be aromatic volatile oils, cannabinoids, terpenes, and other substances. After evaporation, they pass through the coils and enter the purified and partially cooled form into the oral cavity, and from there into the lungs when inhaled. The modern vape is powered by a battery, often with the ability to charge from USB or magnetic charging. The design usually provides a reservoir for filling e-liquids or a replaceable cartridge. It is enough to monitor the cleanliness of the components, do not fill in more than it should be and do not turn on the cigarette with an empty container, so that your vaporizer works like a clock for a long time.

Why is vaping safer than cigarettes?

The very principle of smoking a vape is much safer than any lightest cigarette. The fact is that both in bongs and in cigarettes, the initial substance that you draw into your lungs is smoke - the product of combustion of the substance. It is often filled with mechanical particles of ash and ash, resins. Smoke is considered to be one of the main carcinogens. The purified and partially cooled vape vapor does not contain impurities other than the volatile substances already described by us. It does not injure the lungs with a hot temperature, does not lead to the deposition of combustion products in the lungs, does not cause coughing or shortness of breath. Active process vape smoking can be adapted for yourself: if you want a couple of puffs - take them. Do you want to extend the pleasure longer? Also not a problem, there would be a refill in a cartridge or a flask. And one more important factor that makes vaping a conventional type of consumption is its harmlessness to the environment and people. A lot of research papers have already been written about the dangers of secondhand smoke. When steam is consumed, no third-party fumes get into the air around. There are no combustion products, no smell, which is unpleasant for many, only the scent of the liquid that you have chosen. You can smoke vape in a closed room, in a public place, even in transport you will not be anyone burden one or two puffs.

How much does a good vaporizer cost? Price range in Ukraine

Choice vaporizers with CBD is often based on a factor prices... This is quite logical, because who wants to overpay? There are other criteria, of course. But the cost of the vape is also important. World-famous manufacturers offer a large selection of such devices in different price ranges: from disposable pens to aesthetic and expensive gadgets with advanced functionality, ergonomic design, made of expensive materials, for example, metal, ceramics, natural stone. On average, a vape for smoking medical marijuana will cost you no more than a similar device for conventional e-liquids. It all depends on your preferences and the budget that you allocate for such a purchase.

Is it realistic to buy a vaporizer in Ukraine?

You will definitely find the answer to this question in our catalog. BeInCBD offers to order Vaporizers of different form factors and from different manufacturers are literally a couple of clicks. Buy such a gadget is definitely worth it if you want to use cannabidiol on the go or relax both physically and mentally (those who experience psychological dependence on smoking will understand us). And if we also add low prices, the opportunity to get an online consultation from our experts and arrange order with delivery - the choice is obvious. Order and wait dispatch your vaporizer on the same day to any city Of Ukraine.