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300 mg. CBD Vaping Liquid, CBD Vaping Liquid 10ml, Kiwi-Pineapple-Mango, E-liquid Kiwi, Pineapple & Mango 10ml - 300mg Ignite, USA


500mg. CBD Vaping Liquid, 10ml. CBD Vape Liquid, Peach-Passion Fruit, CBD E-liquid Peach & Passionfruit 10ml - 500mg Ignite, USA


Extra Strength Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Liquid - 1000mg - Strawberry Lemonade CBDistillery


Flan Vape Liquid - CBD Total Eclipse 1000mg Blue Moon Hemp


Kush Vape Liquid - CBD Total Eclipse 1000mg Blue Moon Hemp


Mango Moon Vape Liquid - CBD Total Eclipse 1000mg Blue Moon Hemp


Vape Liquid Pure - CBD Total Eclipse 1000mg Blue Moon Hemp


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Regular Strength CBD vape liquid - 500mg - Mango CBDistillery


Provacan E-liquid Vape Oil 600 mlg CBD

Smoking marijuana has long passed from the category of "entertainment»In the category of a useful and pleasant pastime with health benefits. However, there is a difference: if recreational cannabis is mainly used in the form of "joints" or in bongosthen hemp medical manufacturers offer it in a more convenient and secure format - in the form of a vape. Since the use CBD in the form of smoking a vaporizer - one of the most common ways to get cannabidiol, manufacturers of goods with this valid substance offer many options for every taste. And a lot of such e-liquids you buy at the Seeds Gear store.

CBD e-liquid for vape and e-cigarettes: what is it and what is it made from?

If you have previously encountered soaring (as they call smoking electronic cigarettes), liquids for their refueling you are definitely familiar. In the production of e-liquids, however, manufacturers set high standards quality... This means that such formulations do not contain nicotine, psychoactive cannabinoid THC, they rarely use synthetic dyes. The basis for such fluids for electronic cigarettes herbal components act - glycerin and propylene glycol. And for the right Effect meets high quality cannabis oil or an isolate - an extract with a high content CBD... In addition, for the pleasure of consumers, such a liquid is also flavored with some substanceto give it a fruity, mint or berry scent. For example, when the consumer does not like the natural earthy aroma. hemp.

Dosage of CBD in CBD liquid for vape

As for the percentage of cannabidiol in e-liquid, it is usually very low - within 1%. This amount efficiently and at the same time it will not lead to overdose. There are also more concentrated formulations in which the content cannabinoid CBD higher. You can find out the exact amount of CBD in a liquid on the label - usually it indicates either the percentage of cannabidiol or its quantitative content in milligrams of pure substance. You can choose the dose for yourself empirically: start with a few puffs of the vape, gradually increase the amount if necessary. An overdose of CBD from smoking is unlikely. If you still experience symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, do not worry: a couple of hours of rest will allow the body to remove excess substance.

How does CBD vaping work?

Smoking CBD is a worthy alternative to other methods of consumption. After filling the liquid into the vaporizer, it is enough to turn on the device to heat it up. During hovering the cigarette heats up the liquid and produces a concentrated vapor saturated with cannabidiol. Unlike conventional cigarettes, steam does not burn the lungs, does not contain harmful combustion products and tar - only useful CBD molecules. AND efficiency this method is much higher than with the use of medical marijuana in food or in the form capsules... Steam is rapidly absorbed through the alveoli of the lungs and enters the bloodstream directly, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. As a result of this application, the effect of the use occurs in a matter of minutes after the first puff.

What are the benefits of CBD vaping (compared to other consumption methods)?

As we already mentioned, quality e-liquids are your opportunity to get a quick dose of healthy CBD. In addition, there are other advantages of this consumption method:
  • You can always keep the vape with you, take it on the road or to work - it fits in any pocket.
  • The consumption of e-liquids is very economical. In addition, many of them can be mixed with regular "slurries" to achieve a lower concentration or to add new flavors.
  • Unlike oils or capsules, the vape tastes good.
  •  For those who smoke cigarettes constantly, it also helps to reduce physical dependence on nicotine.
As you can see, using CBD liquid vaporizers is convenient and saves you time and money.

Where can you buy CBD liquid for vape and e-cigarettes in Ukraine?

Our online store offers a wide range of e-cigarette e-liquids and vaping kits. Buy quality accessories for smoking CBD and high cannabidiol liquids is a snap: order them on our website. Sending orders produced daily, which means you get the most effective e-liquids with delivery in a day or two. We work throughout Ukraine, from large cities (Odessa, Kiev, Dnieper) to small villages. Our prices are so low that you will definitely be delighted with them, and the quality of all products is only high, because we work with trusted manufacturers from all over the world.