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Many have heard about what vaping is. A decade ago, it was a craze, and the coolness of smoking accessories was considered a status indicator. But if you rather value comfort than pathos, an analogue of vaporizers in the form handles with CBD will be a great choice for you. The rhythm of modern life dictates mobility and the ability not to depend on chargers, complex circuits and other restrictions. And use CBD not an exception. To stay mobile and independent, standard cannabidiol production methods will definitely not work: carry a bottle with you oils - inconvenient and fraught with leakage; capsules do not always have something to drink, and sweet "snacks" are not to everyone's taste. And you certainly can't put a rechargeable vape with a bottle of "slurry" in your pocket. But you can choose a convenient disposable devicecalled a "pen" or vape pen.

What is a CBD Pen?

Vape pen is disposable analogue of conventional electronic cigarettes... Small in size, this device is maximum simple in use. Its design is very simple: it consists of a small, usually glass reservoir, heating element, battery and mouthpiece. IN reservoir contains oil with cannabidiol, either pure or additionally flavored, wax, or even dry herbal mixtures. In the case of medical cannabis consumption, most often they are filled with oils or wax. The feature of the CBD handles is their ready-to-go design. As soon as you bought knob, you can turn it on, tighten it and get the desired effect. Another feature is easy reloading. Reservoirs of different handle models can be:
  •  Disposable - after the end of the liquid in them, the handle can be simply disposed of.
  • Rechargeable with vaping liquids just like normal vaporizer.
  • With replaceable cartridges.
To avoid contamination of the pen, most cannabidiol vape pen manufacturers prefer the latter form factor.

How to use a CBD pen?

Using vape pens very simple... Check if there is liquid in the tank, press the button (such simple designs have only one). Take a inhale with the aromatic steam and feel the full bouquet of the effects of cannabidiol on your body. If necessary battery handles can be charged. Despite its highly utilitarian design, the Vape Pen is a complete source of CBD... The pen cartridge contains a certain dose substances indicated on the package. Try starting with as little as one puff a day. If necessary, increasing dose with a step of 2-3 days. The handle provides all the same effects as conventional vapes with CBD, candy or butter. It will allow you to relax after a busy day, fall asleep on time, feel vigorous in the morning and relieve pain syndromes, from muscle pains to migraines. With a pen in your pocket, you can quickly reduce anxiety or panic attacks.

What are the benefits of using a CBD pen?

To begin with, this is one of the most fast ways to secure yourself a dose of cannabidiol. But there are other advantages that make handles a convenient and reliable accessory:
  • This way of drinking is safer than smoking withigaret or bongs.
  • The compact size allows you to always carry the Vape pen with you.
  • The variety of flavors is also an advantage for those who like to inhale aromatic steam.
  • You do not need to carry a bottle of e-liquid with you.
  • Rechargeable pens can be refilled in a matter of seconds.
  • Price such a device is much lower than a vaporizer or set for vape.
As a result, we get device, which is always with you, and with which you are guaranteed to get the desired effect.

Where can you buy a CBD pen in Ukraine?

Today, pens are not the most common smoking accessory. But in the BeInCBD online store you will find a decent selection of such devices,order which can be done in a couple of clicks. It is also profitable to buy a Vape Pen from us: we supply products from well-known medical cannabis manufacturers at the best prices. Checkout order on the site and get it from delivery you can get to your city in 1-2 days. We ship goods to all cities Of Ukraine, from Odessa and Kiev to Uzhgorod and Lutsk.