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Transparency and security in the processing of your data are the top priorities in the work of the BeInCBD group of companies. This Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) contains the purposes and process for collecting and processing cookies. This Cookie Policy applies to all products and / or services provided by BeInCBD that refer to this Policy.
On the BeInCBD website, we use cookies for the convenience of visitors with the content of the site and to obtain statistics on site visits. Please note that cookies do not contain personal data.


Cookies are small files written by the browser that are used by each visitor to our website to be recognized by the server on subsequent visits to the site. This information does not reveal your identity or any personal information, and does not provide access to the content stored on your PC. Cookies allow our system to identify you as a specific user who has previously visited the website, viewed certain pages, etc. They also allow us to store your personal preferences and technical information such as statistics of visits or data on visited pages over a certain period of time ... The main purpose of cookies is to provide the User with faster access to the selected Services.

What types of cookies do we collect?

The BeInCBD website uses session and persistent cookies. Persistent cookies are stored in the web browser and remain valid until the expiration of the specified period, unless the user deletes them sooner. Session cookies, on the other hand, expire at the end of the user's session, after closing the web browser.
Below we describe in detail the cookies that can be installed from our website. Depending on your activity on the site, you can install all or only some of them. Please note that the names of cookies, pixels and other technologies may change over time.

Option to disable the saving of cookies. Deleting Cookies

If you do not like the use of cookies, or you want to disable the storage of certain types of cookies, you can change your browser settings and delete existing cookies or prevent the installation of new cookies.

An information banner that appears on some of our websites will ask for your consent to the collection of cookies. If consent is not obtained, your computer or device will not be tracked for marketing purposes. You can change your cookie settings at any time.

Information on setting up the most popular browsers can be found in the following paths:

Internet Explorer: Menu → Browser Options → Privacy. For more information, you can contact Microsoft support or the Help section in your browser.

Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy & Security -> History -> Use your storage settings. For more information, you can contact Mozilla Support or the Help section in your browser.

Chrome: Settings → Show advanced settings → Personal information → Content settings. For more information, you can contact Google support or the Help section in your browser.

Safari: Settings -> Privacy. For more information, you can contact Apple Support or the Help section in your browser.

To configure other browsers, check the documentation provided by the manufacturer of your particular browser.
You can opt out of the use of cookies by third parties using the opt-out mechanism on the appropriate Network Advertising Initiative page. You can also restrict the use of Device IDs by setting the desired options on the device.

Please note that if you delete or disable cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our website and may not be able to save your settings. In addition, some pages may not display correctly.

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This Cookie Policy may be changed at the discretion of BeInCBD, including, but not limited to, in cases where the corresponding changes are related to changes in applicable law, as well as when the corresponding changes are related to changes in the operation of the Site and Services.

When material changes are made to this Policy, Users are notified of this through the website, personal account or by email (for registered users).

If you have questions or comments regarding this Policy, or would like us to update information about you or your preferences, please send a message to:

Last update date: 18 February 2020