Terms of delivery of orders

Individual orders

Orders are usually dispatched within 1-2 business days via New Mail. If, after ordering, we find that the item is illegal in your country, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund your money.

Wholesale orders

Orders under $ 1,000 are usually dispatched within 1-2 business days. For orders over $2000 or orders over 25 units in each specific SKU, please contact us in advance for a quote. 99% bulk orders are processed within 3 business days.

There are times when one particular item can delay the rest of the order from being delivered on time. When this happens, we will contact you to alert you to the problem and allow you to choose how we move forward, which may include shipping an order in 2 shipments, returning an out of stock item to you, or some other mutually agreed solution.

Delivery is not included in the price of your order, and we offer delivery by the New Mail service (Branch – Branch). If you would like to switch to another carrier or receive courier delivery, you can do so by paying the difference between the free shipping method and the cost of your preferred method.

To request a change to standard shipping, please contact your sales representative or include the request in your order details. An invoice for the difference in shipping costs will be sent to the email address specified in your order and must be paid in order for the delivery to take place. Please note that non-payment may result in a delay in your order.

Orders for receiving and picking an order are not available on their own.